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Franchise Your Business

Fast Return On Investment

UK Franchise Consultants Team

The Licensing Profits team can be seen below along with a brief description of their backgrounds.

Mark Harris

Hands on and results orientated with the proven ability to deliver high levels of operational, commercial, and financial performance in the business development and distribution of products and services worth over £500m. Roles have included Managing Director, Operations Director, Manufacturing Director and Business Development Consultant.

Key Skills

  • Extensive Franchising / Licensing / Supply experience to successfully grow businesses with minimal investment required in equipment, people and premises. Worked with many of the major high street retailers and franchises.
  • Business development and growth by acquisition. This includes the successful acquisition and merger of several businesses which were worth millions of pounds on the bottom line.
  • Turnaround experience including business re-engineering, employee downsizing, supplier negotiations, and cost control and reduction.

Julie Roden
Sales & Marketing Executive

Julie Roden has 20 years experience in Sales and Marketing, working in the Sportswear Industry for global brands. She has a strong background in sales/marketing management including channel distribution, licensing, relationship building, customer service and teamwork as well as staff training and development.


John Haynes
Acquisitions, Investments and Finance

Specialises in helping clients buy, invest in, merge with and financially re-engineer companies in similar sectors to themselves. This also includes helping ‘distressed’ businesses which need immediate assistance and financial re-engineering.

Key Skills

  • Business growth through acquisition, merger, franchising and licensing.
  • Helps business owners struggling to sell their business or who need to sell it quickly.
  • Finance and investment for any kind of business.
  • Helps distressed businesses that needs immediate help with cash flow and financial re-engineering.

Lee Barlow
Online Sales and SEO Improvement Specialist

An e-commerce, webdesign and SEO specialist who has worked with hundreds of clients to help maximise their online sales processes and integrate it into their whole strategy, sales and marketing.

Key Skills

  • Maximising online sales
  • E-commerce and Web Design
  • SEO
  • Pay Per Click
  • Website Analytics
  • Software and Databases
  • Shopping Carts
  • Auto Responders
  • Outsourcing

Market Researcher

Chloe is a online Market Researcher.She specialises in identifying target markets for various products and services and also has extensive experience in Web Researching, Business Transcription and Business Catalyst.

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“Mark has been a very good find, after having silly quotes of £6000 just to find out if my business was able to be franchised. Mark was on hand during the whole process and in our second month we had sold our first two franchises (now got over 40). I found the whole process quick and simple and nearly everything was completed by Mark & Julie. I would highly recommend Mark if you’re looking to franchise your business.”

Carole Davy, PetStay


“I franchised my business with Mark and it was the best business decision I made. In only one year I moved from being a sole trader to a franchisor with eight franchisees (now got over 40). I am very proud of what we have achieved and it wouldn’t have been possible without Mark. Initially I was looking for someone to help draw up the legal contracts at a reasonable price. Mark provided that for sure, but so much more! What I didn’t expect was just how hands on he would be.

Mark offered a LOT of support and advice; practical ideas on how to run certain aspects of the franchise, legal advice when signing up new franchisees and he even let me bend his ear when I was getting frustrated and needed a pep talk! I highly recommend his excellent professional and value-for-money service.”

Angela Sterling, Lingotot


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